Get your marketing involved

The following guide is indicative and illustrative, and your marketing steps should be based on the goals you have set for your virtual share plan.

1. Determine the focus of marketing

Make co-ownership and building your business together with your community the focus of your marketing campaign. By offering virtual shares and involving your community in building your brand, you set yourself apart from the competition. This unique approach allows you to leverage the power of your community and give back to those who have contributed to your success.

To maximize this competitive advantage, it is critical that you connect with your contributors and share your marketing message about making them heard in your company and creating a sense of belonging by giving them skin in the game. This collaborative approach not only helps build a loyal and engaged community, but it also strengthens your brand identity and helps grow your business.

2. Create marketing and communication plan

As building your company together with your community, and creating more co-owners by doing so, is a new topic to the public, it's important to consider the frequency and approach of discussion about it in your public channels and in separate communications. Create a communication plan to make sure that you are constantly informing your community about this plan and that they feel included.

You should take into account the activities that have already been carried out and those planned for the future which will lead to a distribution of virtual shares. This means that you should plan for regular rhythm communication that keeps your community informed and engaged, but doesn`t overwhelm them with too much information. It's important to strike a balance and ensure that your communications are clear, concise, and aligned with your overall goals for the virtual share plan.

3. Write a newsletter

Write a newsletter to the existing community that has the opportunity to start earning virtual shares. Again, you can highlight action items to immediately motivate the community. The most important thing here is to emphasize what your bigger plan is for this program – how and why you want to involve your community, thank them and how it will be mutually beneficial.

Short example, add your company's details and direct quotes:

We are pleased to offer our existing community members the opportunity to earn virtual shares through our program which carry the right to be heard as our company owner and earn as our company owner.

In addition to highlighting what is required to participate, we would like to explain our bigger plan and the reasons behind our virtual share initiative. Our goal is to involve our community in more meaningful and collaborative ways, build stronger relationships, and create a sense of shared ownership and mutual benefit. We value the contributions of our community and want to thank them for their support in helping us achieve our goals. Be believe that by working together on our shared vision, we can create something truly special and impactful.

4. Write a press release

Write a press release about your new and exciting virtual share plan that you have created together with KOOS. Your main focus should be on why you did this and what's new and innovative about it. Explain the benefits to your community of contributors and the desire to experience the success and journey together.

Short example, add your company's details and direct quotes:

[Your Company] and KOOS are thrilled to announce the launch of an innovative new virtual share plan that will transform the way companies build and engage with their communities of contributors. The driving force behind this new initiative is our shared belief in the power of collaboration and desire to create a unique platform that empowers our community to share in our success and journey.

With our virtual share plan, we are breaking new ground by offering our contributors the opportunity to invest in our company and become virtual shareholders. This exciting new plan is not only a great way for our contributors to benefit financially from our success, but also a powerful tool for building a stronger and more engaged community.

By giving back to our contributors and involving them in our decision-making process, we create a sense of ownership and a deeper connection to our brand. We are excited about the potential of this new initiative and look forward to sharing this journey with our community.

5. Spread the word in your own channels

Add information about the virtual share plan to all your own channels as well, or create content about it wherever you can in your channels (website, landing pages, socials).

To maximize the impact of your new virtual share plan, you should actively promote it across all your own channels. It's really important to reach your audience where they are. Therefore,you should create content about this exciting initiative on your website, landing pages, and if you have a podcast or similar channel, create content there as well, etc. This way, you can spread the word and generate interest among your community of contributors and potential investors. We believe that this innovative virtual share plan is a powerful tool for building a stronger and more engaged community, and you should promote it wherever you can.

6. Make regular social media posts

It's important to keep your community updated at all times. That is why we recommend that you regularly post about our virtual share plan on your social media.

By sharing updates and informing your audience about this exciting initiative, you can generate interest among your customers, partners, and others who would like to become a part of our community. You want to make your journey as inclusive and transparent as possible, so sharing progress and milestones with your community is a top priority. In this way, you hope to make participation in your community an irresistible opportunity that no one will want to miss.

7. Create a landing page

Creating a dedicated landing page for your virtual share plan is a great way to keep your community well-informed and motivated to participate.

On this page, you can explain every detail about your virtual share plan in a comprehensive and engaging way. By directing visitors to this page, you can ensure that anyone interested in your initiative has access to all the information they need. This landing page serves as a hub for your virtual share plan and is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about becoming a virtual shareholder and being part of your community.

Examples of landing pages:
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  2. Forus Taxiopen in new window
  3. TalentHubopen in new window
  4. HotelBuddyopen in new window
  5. Motiveeropen in new window
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